Your feet shouldn't hurt.

Home Care Services

It is our pleasure to announce that KW FOOT CLINIC is now offering home care services to individuals that are unable to visit our offices. This service is dedicated to the domiciliary foot care provisions to residents of all ages and status. The benefit of our home care program is the ability to receive high level of care in the privacy of your home, at your convenient time and day in order to keep your feet in good health.

Our home care service program is part of our clinic and as such, we strive to uphold the level of excellence that our clients have come to expect from us. Our goal is and always will be to meet and exceed your foot care expectations.

All of the home services will be provided by our foot care nurses. Any advanced issue that is not within their scope of practice and requires immediate attention will be referred back to our Chiropodist at the KW FOOT CLINIC.

Foot care services are available to individuals in their home/residence and facilities.

Infection Control

Infection control is the paramount of our practice. Our nurse only uses sterile instruments in providing foot care. All of the instruments used are steam sterilized in individual packages insuring sterility and preventing cross contamination between clients.

What to expect on the first visit?

Your complete foot care program will begin with an assessment. This will include your complete medical history and a thorough foot assessment, in order to determine the level of foot care you needed. Our nurses will give clear explanations regarding your conditions and will discuss a future management plan in order to improve your health. They will provide any immediate treatments or suggest an appropriate referral. You will be encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in the discussion in regards to your health.

Objectives of the initial exam:

  • Identify risk factors for foot and nail disease
  • Assist patients in evaluating their current footwear
  • Increase patients' awareness of the various risk factors for foot/nail conditions and disease
  • Teach patients proper techniques for monitoring and caring for their feet
  • Provide support required to assist patients increase the health of their feet

Do I have to be referred by a doctor?

No, a doctor referral is not necessary. You can be referred by family, caregivers, medical professionals, or simply refer yourself for treatments.

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