Waterloo Region’s Foot Clinic


Welcome to KW Foot & Orthotics Clinic

We specialize in the prevention and treatment of many foot conditions. Our practitioners will assess your condition and provide quality foot care so you can get back to your daily activities again.

Common Conditions

Common Conditions

We believe feet shouldn’t hurt.
The presence of pain indicates something is wrong and should be treated immediately. We have treated all forms of foot problems. If you don’t see the condition listed that you are suffering from, please give us a call.

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Injection &
Laser Therapy

Our clinic puts your feet first. We offer care and preventative screening services to patients of all ages – from children to seniors. Whether you’re an athlete or have a specific medical condition, such as arthritis, diabetes or a foot deformity, we’ll give you the appropriate podiatric care.



We offer orthopaedic appliances to help relieve specific conditions or to help improve your biomechanics. We can provide braces for your ankles, knees, or spine, as well as offer custom made orthotics using the latest technology in orthotics casting.